About Project
Description In Brief


“ORPHEUS LUXURY TRAVEL & TOURS” with assistance of several social associations and individuals is going to implement an unexampled project «United Cyprus» – a trans-African motor rally within a route Limassol – Cape Town (Egypt-Sudan-Ethiopia-Kenya-Tanzania-Malawi-Mozambique – Zimbabwe- Botswana – Namibia – S.Africa ).
Participants of the project are Greek, Turkish and Russian Cypriots. The project will be carried out within a time limit 26-28 January – 13-15 March 2009.

Objects Of The Project:

The expedition faces the following goals and objects:
1.    Within the time schedule to cross the African mainland by car.
2.    Meet up Greek and Turkish and Russian communities settled in Africa.
3.    Visiting historical and cultural monuments.
4.    Contacting public figures and mass media representatives.
5.    Researching the customs and culture of African countries, collecting video and photo footage and creating on its base articles and video reports.
6.    To film a documentary on the expedition.

Mass Media:

The project can be displayed in Cyprus mass media.

Technical Equipment:

The expedition will be performed by an off-road vehicle provided with a special equipment (satellite communication facilities, GPS), video shooting and photography equipment, spare parts and other technical items, provisions, medical supplies, etc.

Participants Of The Project:

The expedition will consist of 8 participants.