Other Expeditions

ORPHEUS LUXURY TRAVEL & TOURS”, the member of the United Nations Development Program, is going to implement its new project “Trans-Mediterranean trip”. The project will be carried out within a time limit 15 January – 07 March 2010.

The Route

The means of transport will be transported to Port Piraeus (Athens, Greece) by ferry boat. From Port Piraeus starts the expedition around Mediterranean Sea through 20 countries with the total aerial extent of 13.400 km. and it will be lasted 45 days. The final destination is Greece. From there the cars will be transported by waterway to Cyprus. The members of expedition will return back by passenger air-transport with the route Athens – Larnaca.

The Route will go through the following countries:

Limassol (Cyprus) - Athens (Greece) – Albania- Montenegro- Bosnia & Herzegovina – Croatia – Slovenia -Italy – France -  Spain – Morocco – Algeria – Tunisia – Libya - Egypt – Jordan – Syria - Lebanon – Syria – Turkey – Greece.

Technical Equipment:

The expedition will be performed by an off-road vehicle provided with a special equipment (satellite communication facilities, GPS), video shooting and photography equipment, spare parts and other technical items, provisions, medical supplies, etc.

Participants Of The Project:

The expedition will consist of 6 participants. The members of the scientific expedition are:

Roman Starikovich - project coordinator

Artem Butovskiy - independent expedition member

Dmitry Shevchenko - actor, independent expedition member

Alexey Anikin - mechanical operator

Andreas Loizou - Cyprus Greek community representative

Ekaterina Nozdrina - cameraman

Yana Naumova - independent expedition member