Expedition Diaries
Diary of Andreas Loizou
Limassol - Cape Town. Expedition, Adventure, or Survival? Each one us may see it differently. As exciting as it may be, it requires a great deal of attention, too much information in the form of places, people, culture, history, animals etc etc... It's coming in at a very fast pace. We are pressed for time. Must reach our goal by the 15th March or the whole thing for me would be a failure. Started fairly relaxed in Egypt, but things got fairly serious after the Sudan border and the crossing of the Nubian desert. Then came an even harder challenge, Ethiopia. The worst road system I've seen yet. Food and water and diesel are very scarce. Cannot make mistakes in this place. This continues entering Kenya from an even more remote northwestern point, Ileret. The destruction of our cars continue. But we finally we enter Nairobi after a very very long drive and one of our vehicles almost cripple. Nairobi is an oasis for us. We are now half way. The vehicles will be repaired and we will continue. Despite what I told you so far, it's still the most beautiful and exciting trip of my life. Being in a place like this, facing all these dangers, diseases, thieves, very dangerous road conditions, one thing is for sure that Berk and I, although he is Turkish and I am Greek and supposedly enemies in the eyes of many if not all, we face everything together and we watch each others back at all times. He is my eyes where I cannot see and I am his. We have full trust in each other by now. Andy Loizou